"There is an Indian proverb that says that everyone is a house with four rooms. A physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person."

Rumer Godden 1907 - 1998

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Exploration, and exercise

I've been working on some explorations from "Mark- Making in Textile Art" by Helen Parrott to try and take my mark making in a new direction. She suggests looking at a selection of pictures that have marks that appeal to you. Mine are a mix of my own work and pictures from some inspiring books:

Having described the marks in these, I looked at an earlier exercise in which I described my own work to pick out any recurring words, I found: linear, thin, repeated, texture and all over. I need to get a friend to describe these marks and see what she identifies that matches my list.

My next activity was a series of 5 minute drawings to describe some of what I was looking at:

The might appear crude- they are however exactly what I described them as quick drawings to capture the essence of what I saw. I feel ready to start taking these forward in bigger drawings and in stitch, so the exploration has done it's work.

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