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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Purses, Plants and Plans

It's been a wonderful tiring week, I have an FO, progress on a couple of WIPS and huge changes in the garden to show off.

My FO this week was the lovely little purse that was a WIP this time last week. I've never made a framed purse before, I've learnt how to make the outer shell, line it and then insert the soft bag into the frame, where it's held in place by a cord. I'm thinking about making these as gifts for friends. To show how roomy this purse is I've put a 100g skein of sock yarn and a partially worked sock in it for the bottom picture.

My new sewing WIP is a book bag with a flat bottom, made from stash fabrics and so simple and quick! I've used the technique for making the bag base flat before. I'm at the handle making stage, and this is done using a new to me technique which is good. It'll make a good bag for carrying a knitting project when I go to knit night, or for daily use taking lunch to work. I'm already thinking about my next bag, which is another variation on a simple book bag. The handle is only a strip of material laid in place to give a rough idea of the handle size and placement.

I've been plugging away at my Spring Shoots sock as and when I have time, I'm too tired to knit my beautiful Sweet Dreams shawl, I tried last night and made a mess of the row I was working. There's no picture this week as progress is slow.

The front border I've been working on is almost complete, last weekend I replanted some Lily of the Valley so I could finish my efforts to clear the last of the weeds, ivy and gravel dressing. I dug out a huge amount of broken up tarmac and paving slabs that were buried in the front of the border. I imagine there's still more buried in there but there's only so much hard digging I can do. DH cut down the rest of the old stumps and I finally planted my second batch of plants yesterday. We've been out already this morning and now I have plants for the final stretch of the border. I'm hoping it doesn't rain today!

One little plant deserves a a mention all of it's own! My sister gave me a small plant some weeks ago, it has leaves that start out pink and eventually go green, I think it will also have autumn colour too. I planted it last weekend, and it's already thriving and throwing up new shoots. We think this is a Sobaria and if you look closely, you can see the new growth at the base.

Progress on the back garden has been huge. We started about 10 days ago with this:

The slope ran from the down to the steps and at the same time from the cream wall to the far edge, we've used two Albanian builders who work for my BIL and that's really made things happen fast. This time they've worked for us we've bought in a mini-digger to make building terraces easier. We now have four level terraces from the top of the garden downwards:

Yesterday we shifted what we estimated as about 3 tons of chalk, concrete and rubbish that was dug out from the garden and the path around the house. Our plan for later today once I've planted my newest purchases is to start to put in the railway sleepers in front of the top terrace and to start to build a raised border in front of the wall. On Tuesday we have an electrician coming for the day to get power up to the shed so we can light and heat it if needed.

I visited a blog yesterday that I always find inspiring: Attic 24, I love her crochet patterns. I've been inspired to make a couple of Lucy's projects, although her choice of yarn isn't mine. My current long-term crochet project isn't a Lucy project, having browsed and caught up with what she's been hooking I'm going to dig out my Lily blanket, pull out a few of my small balls of yarn, the pattern and my hook put them in my new project purse to give me an easily portable project.

Now to order some fragrant sweet pea seeds to start off ready for next year.


Tonya said...

Those purses at so cute. Great work on the garden.

mysparemoments.com said...

Love the purse ! I especially how you open it up to find a lining that's so fun and bright and colourful. The bag looks great and would be so great for a project ! I'm really liking how your garden is coming together !

Gracey is not my name.... said...

The purse turned out great! And yes, Lucy is quite an inspiration!

aknitwithacake said...

The purse and bag look lovely. Did you get your rain? We had a tiny bit here in West Sussex.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely little purse. The front border looks fab, although my Lilies of the Valleys have completely taken over, so I hope you keep yours under control. The back looks like quite a project but I love terraced gardens!

Carolina22 said...

The purses are really lovely.I have a couple going that I need to finish :)

Keri said...

The bags are super cute. Good luck with the garden. That looks like quite the undertaking!

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

Gorgeous purse, and perfect for a sock in progress! And the garden is looking amazing, you will have to do some proper before and after pictures when it's all done!

Kepanie said...

Your plantings look terrific.
I love the coin purse and amazing how roomy it is for a sock project! The tote looks great.

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