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Rumer Godden 1907 - 1998

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Long Weekend

It's Tuesday and my weekend isn't over yet!

I'm starting this week's post with a bit of announcement, I've completed 9 months of working from my knitting stash, that's purchase free since November! Although I'm being tempted by some merino yarns in shades of soft greens and purples for a crochet project that's planted itself in my head!

I've had a bit of a re-think about my Year of Projects and this led to a tidy of all my knitting projects and have decided to hibernate the majority of my wips and concentrate on a smaller number. There's a blanket, a scarf, shawl and socks as an when I complete something I'll dig out another wip. Two of these are left over from previous years and will use up lots of stash yarn. I'm enjoying a bit of crochet as a change from knitting, who wouldn't when it looks this pretty?

Which is a small section of this:

I've worked 8 motifs over the last week, bringing my total to 53 in all. I'm trying to square the piece up to eliminate the rather odd shape and make it easier to work out sizing as it grows. I realised when posting my pictures that it's two years to the day since I started Lily. It's about time I got my act together and completed this beauty.

There's been exciting progress in the garden this week. I arrived home to find my new compost bins had been delivered, these are now in place behind the shed and I'm starting to fill the first bin.

The top terrace is almost complete, just one more length of railway sleeper to go in at the left and a huge amount of topsoil to level it ready for planting.  Moving the sleepers has left DH and I full of aches and pains, but the result is definitely worth it, as our plans for the garden are now becoming a reality.

We managed more plant shopping this weekend. I've ordered 4 packets of fragrant sweetpeas for the garden, how pretty are the ones in the picture I've linked to? An advert in the gardening supplement of the newspaper on Saturday led to buying 72 plug plants which will arrive and need potting on when they arrive. And a trip to another garden centre yielded another 4 plants which we'll take cuttings from, of most interest were 3 lovely plants from Hairy Pot Plants. The pots are coir, so when the time comes to plant what you've bought the pot is planted too! The pots are just about visible in the picture below. Finally, we ordered 175 hornbeam tree plants to use as hedging along the right hand side of the garden, these arrive in November which seems ages away, as we have lots to do the time will fly by.

Our propagator is full to the point of overflowing with lots of cuttings which will help us plant up the borders in the garden next year. There's lavender, box and artemisia all taken from plants in the garden, which hopefully will show signs of rooting by October.

Finally my only FO this week was a lovely lemon loaf, which is now half eaten:

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tonya said...

Oohhh those flowers (crocheted ones) are so cute. And the garden looks like it is coming along nicely. But really writing to say that I really do love your finished object for the week.

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