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Rumer Godden 1907 - 1998

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Knitter's Week

My Year of Projects started with 3 new knitting projects. Starting my list for the Year of Projects helped me work out how best to order these projects, the cast-ons were going to work like this:

Monday, cast on Renaissance MKAL and Unsinkable
Tuesday, knit night, work on Echo Flowers
Wednesday, wind yarn and cast on Sweet Dreams
Thursday, cast on Resolute Shawl

This will teach me to make plans, by Tuesday night I'd cast on Unsinkable and had made some progress with Echo Flowers, Renaissance MKAL had been started!

Wednesday night things started to go awry, the first clue on Renaissance MKAL didn’t look quite right so it was pulled out, restarted twice before I was happy with it.

Thursday I managed to wind the yarn for Sweet Dreams, then I worked on Unsinkable, the picture below gives an idea of progress and after playing around on my Ravelry forums, I found yet another group with a good-looking KAL to join in with. So time was spent deciding what would be good to knit

Friday, men’s semis at Wimbledon, decided starting Sweet Dreams and working on Unsinkable was my best bet for tennis drama knitting!

Saturday about 3am, everything I'd knitted on Unsinkable had to be ripped out! It amounted to 3 inches of stocking stitch. I'd miscounted the stitches at the start of the short rows. It took me most of Saturday on and off to get to the same point.


Sandy said...

I've done the day a week project thing in the past and for awhile it really works well for organizationally...then it goes wonky because I've hit something that requires more thinking, or something has gotten too big to take with me to work etc. But, hey we all must keep trying right! LOVE the color of your shawl. I'm your newest follower!

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

How annoying that you had to do that much frogging, I would have been so cross! But Unsinkable is looking great, I love the yarn!

aknitwithacake said...

Sorry you had to rip it out, it was looking lovely as well. Glad you managed to get back to the same point before Sunday's final!

Anonymous said...

grr to all the ripping out and thankfully you got back to where you were. Unsinkable does look great and I love the colour !

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sometimes I think committing to a schedule like that is just tempting fate. I try to be more loosey-goosey in my goals. Less disappointment and frustration :)

Kepanie said...

This is an interesting knit! The blue is so pretty.

Kim said...

What an interesting take on organizing time and projects. Boo to the frogging, but I feel your pain and am all too familiar with that particular technique.

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