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Rumer Godden 1907 - 1998

Sunday, 21 April 2013

When Block Meets Book: J(H)elly Quilt Part 1

I love it when fresh inspiration comes my way. I like the thought process and investigation that follows in it's wake, the digging about to refine what's been triggered in my own way. Sandi Cummings' book "Thinking Outside the Block" has provided me with inspiration that could provide a solution to my frustrations with my jelly roll blocks.

My j(h)elly roll blocks have been a challenge since I started them, first it was the uneven strips and lack of variety in the jelly roll. Since then I worked out I've used both my machines to piece it, so my 1/4" seams might not be the same. The result was a pile of strangely shaped blocks, which looked worse the more I pieced together.

This week I spotted that a swastika motif appearing when I joined 4 of the 6" blocks together. I know it's lucky in some cultures, I want to avoid it. The lack of precise piecing meant that there's no way I could disguise this motif, even with some heavy FMQ.

Taking the directions for "pieced irregular checkerboards" from the book, I cut squares from the fabric that was originally intended to make the borders. These were layered with the j(h)elly blocks, cut into a variety of widths, the strips were rearranged and then pieced to create two new blocks.

The new blocks were again layered, cut, strips cut, re-arranged and pieced to give two much smaller, altogether more attractive blocks. The transformation is amazing, my rather lack-lustre original blocks are now bright and beautiful.


Leanne Parsons said...

Wow! These look great...much better than what you started with. It's great that you stuck with it, even when you weren't happy to start with.

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Wow! They look great! Well done sticking with it!

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