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Monday, 1 April 2013

J(H)elly Roll

This started out as a quick and simple project to make a small quilt in 2008. It moved house twice and I tried to solve the uneven block sizes several times.

I bought the j(h)elly roll thinking it would save me cutting time, looking back what I believe I bought was a shop version of a jelly roll put together to sell off ends of bolts. The strips were different widths, the fabric different qualities and so much repetition between strips the finished design will look bland. Add to that my return visit to this shop a couple of weeks ago to buy iron on interfacing resulted in the purchase of a crumpled mess and my conviction about the j(h)elly roll deepened. I won't be buying there again!

The plan is to transform this pile of ill matched pieces into blocks that have straight edges with right angled corners, then sew borders around these in lemon, green and blue so I can square them off at about 15". I'm going to stop worrying about the angles of the patches, the sizes of the strips and borders and the mismatched joins. Given time and patience, this could become a perfectly acceptable back to a quilt.

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Scrapatches said...

Given time ... this could be a "perfectly acceptable" quilt front ... a very pretty one! Thanks for sharing on Monday Link-Up ... :) Pat

maria said...

Good luck with the piecing. It sounds like the shop was just trying to get rid of some off cuts.

Kristin said...

You could turn it improv and cut it all up and sew it wonky. I love just piecing and never worrying about matching corners. Very freeing!!

Taryn said...

How frustrating! It looks like you are going to be able to turn it into something beautiful though! I love those rich blues!

Thanks for linking up to Let's Get Acquainted this week!

Claire said...

After the encouraging posts here you could be right

Claire said...

That's a great idea, with a bit of FMQ crossing all the lines no one will look at the mis-matches

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