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Rumer Godden 1907 - 1998

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Then and Now

Over the last few months as I've been looking at what's going on in the quilting world, I've discovered a new fresh look to fabrics and projects which I really love. Traditional blocks, patterns and techniques are being taken up by a new generation of stitchers, adapted and worked in a brighter scrappier way. The internet is enabling fabulous ideas and patterns to be shared, I've always been a big fan of scrap quilts so to see beautifully co-ordinated original scrap style quilts being worked by this new generation in new ways is a joy. The colours are fresh and vibrant, the prints stylised and beautifully designed, I've found it hard to resist, the selection below are some I bought recently to liven up my stash for a quilt I'm planning. 

I've been playing about with enlarged and exploding traditional quilt blocks, and have come up with something based on storm at sea that I'm quite pleased with. I'm going to draw a block up full size, take a couple of copies and play about with arrangements.

I'm loving my return to things I used to do, like appliqué. I used appliqué a lot when doing my City and Guilds courses over 10 years ago (gasps!), usually reverse appliqué with lovely soft raw edges. I rarely did any needleturn or machine appliqué, both seemed very fiddly and too precise for my tastes. I'm trying a single small Baltimore Album block while I'm waiting impatiently for a pack of "Wash-Away Appliqué Sheets" to arrive so I can start an on-line class from Craftsy called "Machine Finished Hand Appliqué". Again the internet comes into play with online classes and tutorials to be shared and watched.


Kelli said...

Hi Claire!
Thanks for visiting my blog and following along. Good luck in the giveaway! When I went to respond to your comment, it said that your email address wasn't enabled, so I found you here. Am I your first follower? Yay! :) I love your fabrics and can't wait to see what you come up with for your quilt. If I end up listing my hexagon pillow on Etsy do you want me to let you know? Take Care, and nice to meet you! :D

Claire said...

Hi Kelli and welcome to my blog, I'm delighted to have you as my first follower! I think (and hope) I enabled my email address ;)
If you do list the pillow on Etsy I'd love to know.

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