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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Small Blog Meet

I returned to regular stitching and blogging less than a month ago and I've found so many new techniques, ideas and ways of stitching that I may have enough ideas to keep me occupied for decades! My stitching buddy was over yesterday for a day of stitching, and as she was there for moral support I thought I'd sort out some of my stash fabrics. Depending on what I'm doing, I'm either an embroiderer who quilts, or, a quilter who embroiders, so my stash contains lots of fabrics that aren't suited to making quilts that will be functional.

After my sorting out and a lot of cutting, today has been devoted to lots of chain piecing and more cutting, so I've been able to work on 4 projects over the day. As far as I'm concerned strip piecing is a very effective way of working, although there has to be a lot of cutting done ahead of time to set this up.

While I was tidying yesterday, this little pile of silks, and other fabrics came together almost by accident, and today I started some strip piecing to make some strippy blocks. I'm working these so I can square them up to 6.5 inches. This will be an embroiderer's quilt, so not one that will be functional, and its been inspired by a quick flick through one of the many embroidery books on my shelves that I haven't really used. It'll probably be subjected to some embroidery rather than quilting to finish it.

My millwheel quilt is taking shape quite nicely, I'm stitching the HST squares into strips and will soon be ready to stitch the strips into blocks. I'm making 9 blocks which will give me a top approximately 54 inches square. I haven't made any decisions about whether I need a border or not, I want to get the top pieced before I decide.

Finally, my last photo of the day is progress on my Honeycomb pillow designed by Janelle at Echinops and Asters. The front needs outer borders, then I can move onto the back of the pillow.

Linking to Lily's Quilts and a Small Blog Meet.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love your hexie pillow. The colours are gorgeous. This small blog meet is great for meeting new quilters.

Ruth Bourke said...

Wow, thats phenomenal progress on a Saturday! I love your millwheel blocks - so colourful and gorgeously scrappy.

NW Patchwork said...

Love the pillow! I'm an embroidery nut so I'm in love with those bees:) Nice job.
-visiting from the small blog meet @ Lily's

Heidi Staples said...

Beautiful projects -- I especially love that millwheel quilt!

joanold said...

Love the idea of the silk quilt. I would love to do an arty embroidered piece, but haven't anything remotely suitable in my small stash at the moment. I'll keep a lookout for updates on yurs instead.

Have we met in a previous life? Knitting Goddesses, perhaps?

Claire said...

We did meet on the Knitting Goddesses and have met a couple of times in person in Southampton. My daughter usually turned up to drag me off to lunch.
After an afternoon of silk wrangling making using a paper foundation block, I'm wondering about the wisdom of starting a silk quilt!

Sue Wild said...

I like the scrappy look of your mill wheel quilt. The rich red and yellows in you Honeycomb pillow looks good too. Stopping by from the Small Blog meet.

ipatchandquilt said...

Fabulous colours!

Jessica Pyykkonen said...

Lovely colors. The Honeycomb pillow is so cute.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

What wonderful projects. Visiting from Lily's Small Blog Meet

Claire said...

I was on a real roll, normally I don't this much done.

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